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Sand Blasting and Grit Blasting will be done to clean the surface and remove the rust, grease, millscale and create good surface for next operation like painting, zinc or alluminium coating.

Mythri Metallizing India adopts unique surface preparation techniques with superior cleaning and roughening services by compressed air with suitable abrasives as per the IS and BS standards to draw out pre-existing coats, surface imperfections, residue, organic matter, oxidation and other contaminants.

Transforming Surfaces

At Madhu Metallizing India, we follow and adhere to multiple standards including Indian ISO 8501 – 4, North American SSPC / NACE , SSPC – PA 15213 and Swedish SIS 05 – 5900 – 1967 standards of rust grades and levels of cleanliness.

Standard Chart

SSPC – SP5NACE No.1SA – 3ISO – 1White Metal Blast Cleaning / Blast Clean to Visibly Clean SteelNo shadow, streaks or stains on magnification. Free of all visible oil, grease, dust, dirt, mill scale, coating, oxides, corrosion products and other foreign matter.
SSPC – SP10NACE No.2SA – 2.5ISO – 2Near White Blast Cleaning / Very Thorough Blast CleaningShadows, streaks and stains limited to 5%
SSPC – SP 6NACE No.3SA – 2ISO – 3Commercial Blast cleaning / Thorough Blast CleaningTightly-adhering matter. Shadows, streaks and stains upto 33% retention.
SSPC – SP 7NACE No.4SA – 1ISO – 4Brush Off / Light Blast Cleaning / Sweep / BlastLoose rust, mill scale and coatings and uniform roughening.


1. Sampling

Stake out an area for sampling

2. Prepare
3. Agreement
4. Execution

Blasting Techniques

Madhu metallizing India has in depth specialisation in major abrasive blasting techniques typically follows an extensive research and analysis of the client’s requirements, purpose of the solution and the class of surface area.

Sand Blasting:

Sand Blasting process involves propelling very fine bits of sand using the sand blasting machine at a high velocity to clean or etch a particular surface. Sand blasting can be carried out with a water driven module to reduce surface deterioration and air driven module to avoid water intrusion in the surface.

Grit Blasting:

Grit blasting is a method of protective treatment attempting to smooth out a surface. The methods available in the grit blasting process include compressed air, liquid streams, vapour streams & mechanical projection.

Shot Blasting:

Shot blasting involves various methods that support cleaning, strengthening/peen or polishing metal. Shot blasting service can be executed using two technologies; wheel blasting can clean larger areas that require de-rusted, descaled or de-burred. Air blasting is a pneumatic acceleration of compressed air projected by nozzles on the surface.

Quartz Blasting:

Change the way of metal fabrication with quartz blasting. Quartz blasting refers to ordinary sand / silica / quartz propelled for removing impurities from surfaces. The fine particles of quartz are almost uniform in size with sharp edges facilitating efficient abrasive blasting on metal surfaces.

Aluminium Oxide Blasting:

Aluminium oxide grit is an extremely popular solution in the abrasive blasting segment due its longevity and hardness. Aluminium oxide blasting often provides the advantage of quick turnaround time and recycling property hence, flexible for both wet and dry blasting.

Copper Slag Blasting:

Copper slag blasting is the most efficient abrasive blasting media offered by Mythri. Copper slag or iron silicate possess higher density and can blast more quickly and can be reclaimed multiple times resulting in less product consumption and less disposal cost when compared to some of the abrasive blasting techniques.